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Details Addicted to Certainty: The Journey From a Cultural Cosmology to a Spiritual Cosmology: The Journey from a Cultural Cosmology to a Spritual Cosmology

Addicted to Certainty Addicted to Certainty describes the developmental process of journeying to "that place" where you know you exist. It provides you the tools to live out of perspective of pure reality. Full description

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Details Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology

Science, Religion, and Mormon Cosmology If cosmology connotes an understanding of the structure of both a physical and a transcendent universe, contends Erich Robert Paul, it is virtually impossible to understand Mormonism outside the dimensions of ...

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Details PaGaian Cosmology: Re-inventing Earth-based Goddess Religion

Pagaian Cosmology "PaGaian Cosmology" brings together a religious practice of seasonal ritual based in a contemporary scientific sense of the cosmos and female imagery for the Sacred. The author situates this original synthesis in her context of being ...

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Details The Milky Way Galaxy and Statistical Cosmology, 1890–1924

PAUL, E. R. THE MILKY WAY GALAXY AND STATISTICAL COSMOLOGY, 1890-1924. CAMBRIDGE, 1993, xiv 262 p.,figuras. Encuadernacion original. Nuevo.

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Details Journal Oversized Cosmology

Embossed, iridescent highlights, ribbon bookmark. 192 lined pages.